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Design by Sam Kaufman

About the curators

Katrina Man is a recent graduate of History of Art (Modern and Contemporary Art) MA at the University of York, having previously studied History of Art BA at UCL in London. She is now pursuing a curatorial career in London. Over the past six years, Man has been gaining a range of exhibition experience through self-organised exhibitions and projects as well as in commercial art gallery and public art museum contexts. In her BA and MA, she has been specialising in contemporary art that engages with technology and the moving image, particularly works that are socially and politically engaged, and intends for this to be the focus of her curatorial career.    

Sam Kaufman is a writer and filmmaker based in York. His research and practice is currently based on experimental film, live environments, sound theory and the political inflections of new forms of cognition and sight. His broader practice is concerned with visualising the formal structures of networks and the theoretical potential of essayistic film.